EXO: Mankind Reborn Core Box Contents

Greetings, adventurers!

Once more we bring you a new article about EXO: Mankind Reborn. This time, and as a final culmination previous to the launch of the campaign, we will show you everything you can find in the game.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so… Here you are!

  • 29 highly detailed figures, including:
    • 4 heroes miniatures
    • 4 exoanimals miniatures
    • 21 enemy miniatures
  • 4 detailed player boards
  • 4 game tiles
  • 1 upgrade board
  • 6 custom wooden dice
  • 2 standard wooden dice
  • 132 cards:
    • 36 Exploration cards
    • 36 Treasure cards
    • 48 insect cards
    • 8 double-sided hero/exoanimal cards
    • 4 double-sided drone cards
  • 40 acrylic gems
  • 74 wooden cubes:
    • 20 Pink
    • 15 Grey
    • 15 Brown
    • 16 Black
    • 8 Red
  • 17 wood pawns
  • 184 Tokens:
    • 80 Upgrade tokens
    • 40 Larva tokens
    • 20 Production tiles
    • 10 Multipurpose tokens
    • 16 double-sided Exoenergy source tokens
    • 6 Die tokens
    • 6 Shelter tokens
    • 6 Hive tiles
    • 4 Drone tokens
  • Rules & Quest book

To sum up, more tan 450 game components!

This will be the contents of the core box of EXO: Mankind Reborn, but during the campaign on Kickstarter there will be unlockable stretch goals that will improve the finish of the game… Keep track of the campaign if you want to discover them!


Plast Craft Games Team

Drones, humanity little helpers!

Greetings, adventurers!

Today we will introduce you the drones that our héroes in EXO: Mankind Reborn will be able to control during their expedition to the surface.

Throughout the years that humanity spent in the leafy natural cavities that served as a refuge, humans did not cease their development. Studies were continued, applying and improving the use of exoenergy to their technology. As a result of this application, the drone assistance model was born.

Each tribe developed a different variant according to their specific needs; although later all the projects would be put in common. In this way, thanks to the use of drones, the tribes were able to carry out small scouting missions abroad, taking samples and collecting data from the environment, until they considered that the expedition with human beings could be carried out.

The Paleartic tribe, given the extension of its region, chose to specialize their drones in the field of land recognition and possible threats detection in the environment. To do this, they equipped their drones with 360º cameras.

In the Ethiopian zone, bugs activity became unusually aggressive, and a series of small assaults by these to the CVs followed. This forced the tribe to focus the development of their drones on the military side, incorporating weapons to repel such attacks.

Meanwhile, in the Australian area, the team of engineers that worked hand in hand with Dr. Hickling implemented surgical campaign material: monofilament scarp, tweezers, and suture lasers, among others, making these drones an advanced sanitary post.

Finally, the tribe of the Nearctic cavities improved their drones by enhancing their efficiency in the extraction of raw materials from the environment. Later on Desmond joined the program, who, after several adjustments, managed to optimize the cargo compartment of the drone.

These four types of drones designed specifically by each tribe will be of great help to our heroes during their expedition. As they were once used as topographic tools, logistics and even military, these drones will make easier the work of our characters in the performance of their roles in the game.

For today we say goodbye, but not before reminding you that the start of the campaign on Kickstarter is just around the corner.

Be prepared and join us in the resurgence of humanity!



Plast Craft Games Team

Enemies… Vile Bugs Vol. II

Greetings, adventurers!

Once more we bring you more information about the game. This time we will reveal the last two types of bugs… scorpions and dragonflies!

As the previous shown bug types, these will have both regular and alpha profiles.

On one side we have the dangerous dragonflies. These fierce and fast winged creatures can decapitate a human with their thin but deadly claws in a blink.

These enemies, whose wings in motion are imperceptible to human eye, are difficult targets to hit, as they are constantly moving. This is reflected in combat by having more life than any other type of bug:

Below you can see what how the alpha version of the dragonflies will look like:

On the other hand, during his expedition, our heroes will also run into other enemies as deadly as the centipedes we announced in another previous article. Scorpions…

“Until today we had not had contact with an insect like this. Its size was noticeably greater than the others, and it gave off a halo as if it were exoenergy… It was almost mystical. His tweezers split the trunk of a tree as if it were a toothpick. I do not think I want to meet that monstrosity again, it gives me the chills!”

-Dr. Smith

The scorpions, like the centipedes, will be able to poison our heroes, but in addition, their tweezers could become really annoying, since they will be able to immobilize our heroes, making it more difficult for them to move.

The alpha version of these bugs really spectacular. Behold!

And to end with this article here you have a group shot of all the vile bugs you will find in EXO!

There is just less than half a month to start the campaign … Are you ready?


Plast Craft Games Team

Daku the Shaman – First 24H FREE character

Greetings, adventurers!

Today we want to make a special announcement that will make this project even more appealing for you…

Today we introduce you Daku, the shaman. This character has been exclusively designed to reward to all those backers who show their support during the 24 first hours on the project, and they will get it for free.

Yes, you read that right!

It is a completely new hero, who will bring more variety to the game and who will have his own miniature and card. As we have said it will be free for all those who support us in the project during the first 24 hours with the pledge level specially created for this purpose. But do not worry, because if you do not make it on time, you can always include it later as an add-on for a reduced price.

Here you have a little background of this enigmatic character.

“Australian Wise men tell that there was one tribe that remained on the surface after the cataclysms against any recommendation given by the government in that era. This tribe, formed by aborigines from central Australia, did not bow to nature and remained on the surface, challenging the elements. But, as we all know, this is impossible … or not? “

Daku is a descendant of the Anangu tribe, shrouded in an aura of mysticism and only known for the legends told by the Wise men of the Australian cavities. His tribe, against all odds, managed to survive the growing plague of hyper-evolved insects, taking refuge in a sacred place, the Uluru rock mass, also known as Ayers Rock.

This hero is an aborigine shaman that excels at natural medicine and who managed to master the exo energy for different purposes after a great effort.

You will discover more about this character during the campaign, so we encourage you to participate!

Before we say goodbye, we want to show you in exclusive the first couple of hero and exoanimal miniatures painted by the fantastic Studio Giraldez team. These are Desmond and Little Joe.

These miniatures are models manufactured in the same material in which the miniatures will be supplied, and as you can see, the level of detail is spectacular.

Hope you like them. See you in the next article!


Plast Craft Team

Mechanics: A quick view

We bring you a new article! In this instalment, we will give you a general overview of the long-awaited phases and mechanics of the game.

Each game round consists of four phases: Disaster, Resource, Production, Action and Night. We will explain them briefly below…

  • Disasters – During this phase, we will determine with a dice roll how the climatology will affect the environment, how the environment’s fauna will behave, and also how the climate will affect our Exoanimals. All this will be detailed in quick reference tables for each mission.
  • Resource Production – During this phase players will produce exoenergy and a variety of resources. To do so our heroes will be able to assemble different buildings that will be represented by extraction tiles. At the beginning of the turn, each player will take a resource off each tile he has on the board and store it, if possible, in his backpack if they are resources, or in the exoenergy pool of his/her exoanimal, in the case of exoenergy.
  • Actions – During this phase, players must decide which actions they will be performing both with their heroes and with their exoanimals. There are common actions to be carried out by both characters and others specific to each one.

Let’s explain these actions…

Movement And/Or Attack

As its name suggests, our characters can perform a movement and/or attack.



If during the Movement action our heroes enter an area where a larvae token of an insect is found, this must be flipped therefore revealing the type of insect and replacing it with a miniature of the same type.


With Attack, our heroes will make a dice roll adding the dice of their hero and their animal, causing damage to insects. Insect behaviour will be determined by a card drawn from the deck of the insect type.


At the cost of the indicated resource on the upgrade board, our characters can equip different upgrades, up to a maximum of three each.


This option will make our character recover a health point.

  • Hero Actions – These consist of…
    • Build: With this action, we can build a production tile depending on the type of resource predominant in the area that our hero is.
    • Resource Extraction: Using the constructions our heroes have built (production tiles), they can harvest one resource unit of the type produced.
    • Drone Remote Control: Once our drone beacon is built, our heroes can fly their drone, moving it around the board. These drones have unique abilities that we will reveal in another article.

  • Exoanimal Specific Action – This consist of…
    • EXO Extract: Our animal will be able to extract exoenergy of the type that corresponds to the area where it is.

And finally, we reach…

  • The Night – During this phase, the insects show increased activity, therefore, the nests will generate new larvae, and those already present in the board, will move following a swarm behaviour…

During this movement phase, if any of the insects or larvae present in the table enter an area occupied by any of our characters, there will be a night combat. This type of combat has the peculiarity that our heroes will not be able to counterattack since they are resting and not prepared. The only ones able to stand up to them are our animals!

After this, our heroes rest and recuperate and get ready to something to face a new day. So, here is where we conclude this brief summary. Stay tuned, as some videos will be published soon where you will see all this explained with a demo game.


Plast Craft Games team.