Desmond and Little Joe

Greetings, adventurers!

Today we want to introduce you a new hero from EXO: Mankind Reborn. Desmond the harvester arrives from the dense forests of the Nearctic caves.

“Desmond was the youngest member of his family. For generations they were responsible for supplying the entire tribe with food and materials for everyday life. Even though his grandfather and his father considered themselves as simple “shopkeepers”, he wanted to go further and stand out.

His experience in the CV-32 expeditionary corps taught him to take advantage of all the resources available in the environment. From simple pieces of wood, scavenged metal plates and an exoenergy cell he was able to assemble small structures such as an exodome or small fully functional mechanical saws.

He spent many years in the corps until he finally decided to retire at age 46. In the year following his dismissal he had enough time to share most of his knowledge with his sole son, so that he could continue their family duty. Then, a letter from the council of elders arrived. On it, they requested a volunteer to set off on the largest expedition known so far; destination, the surface.

Given the nature of his tribe, many were the volunteers who showed up. All but one were discarded, Desmond. The most determined and most experienced harvester in the Nearctic area.”

– Handelaar the wise.

And as you also know, all of our heroes have their own exo companion natural from their cavity region. Accompanied by Little Joe, a grizzli bear, these two will be very versatile thanks to their resource-saving skills.

Here is a brief passage from Little Joe’s story:

“How did I meet Joe? I remember it perfectly. During one of the expeditions that we made to the most remote cavities in search of different materials, something rather funny happened.

During the first night, when we got into sleeping bags after having dinner, we left the remains of food and provisions without storing. Next morning everything was gone. In later days, it happened again. One night I decided to stay on guard, and then I saw him. It was a magnificent specimen, one of the greatest I had ever seen. A grizzly bear was sitting, eating our own food…

After several attempts, I managed to gain his confidence. I noticed he could make it much easier for me to carry materials, since his size and strength would make him a great beast of burden, as well as a fierce protector.

In order to control his wild nature, I asked our biologists to implant a neuronal amplifier, which he now carries over his head. This meant that, in addition to further developing his intelligence, he became sensitive to the latent exoenergy of the area.”

– Desmond

And this is the history of this unique couple…

We hope that quality of their art and models will make you want to keep on discovering more about the world of EXO: Mankind Reborn.


Plast Craft Games Team