Claire and Mel

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As every Friday we bring you another EXO: Mankind Reborn article. Today we will talk about the last of the four main heroes from the game. But before that let’s take a look to the three unveiled heroes previously.

First of all, there’s the fearless Kaindra and Sharik, the ones specialized in combat. Then we revealed Yuri and Nurasyl, a couple with great exploration skills. And the most recent pair, Desmond the harvester and big Little Joe; a unique duo capable of surviving in the most hazardous environments…

So it is time to introduce you a heroin in charge of the medical support of the group: Dr. Claire Smith. This researcher who comes from the CV-7 in the Australian zoogeographic area comes along with her lab companion Mel, a genetically improved koala thanks to the exoenergy and capable of channeling it to heal.

Here is part of the history of these two great friends:

Born in a well-off family from the region, since she was little she had access to the best teachers, who noticed her great skills for health science.

At the age of fourteen, Claire had the chance to prove her knowledge creating a vaccine that would prevent a strange virus pandemic unknown until then. From that moment, she became part of the best medical research team, under the tutelage of Dr. Hickling, a renowned CV-7 scientist.

During those years working for the research team, she studied the application of exoenergy in the field of health, making great discoveries such as the “nano-poultice” or the Reflex enhancer SENTINEL. These devices allowed both exoanimals and humans the capability of healing irreparable skin damage or the improvement of the nervous system by reducing the response time against possible attacks.

At some point during her rehearsals, Claire listened to DR. Hickling talking about a possible expedition to the surface made in conjunction with other cavities from the rest of the world. So as you may imagine, her curious spirit and her willingness to adventure made her to be the chosen one of her CV to be part of the expedition.”

Handelaar the wise.

And what can we say about Mel? He is small, fluffy and capable of transmitting healing energy thanks to Claire’s modifications she made in her lab. His combat skills are almost zero but you won’t want to see an angry koala!

So we conclude with the cast of EXO: Mankind Reborn heroes. But before saying goodbye we want to show you a sneak peek of the heroes’ cards:

Stay tuned as we are in the final stages of the pre-campaign and there is just one month left ahead before the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

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