Enemies… Vile Bugs Vol. I

Greetings adventurers!

Once again we are back with a new article of EXO: Mankind Reborn. Today we will talk about some of the enemies that our heroes will encounter during their expedition on the surface of the earth.

As we have explained in previous articles, the only creatures that survived on the face of the earth after the great cataclysms were bugs. These, thanks to their high level of adaptability developed affinity with the exoenergy unchained during these events. They suffered mutations that made them grow larger, lethal, and with an exoskeleton capable of self-regeneration.

In this article we will show you two of these disgusting enemies: the escolopendras and the beetles.

“When we went out for the first time, we saw small shadows moving incredibly fast. An iridescent reflection dazzled us when they came to light. Giant beetles! They were huge, and their carapace was as hard as metal …”

Desmond the harvester

On the other hand, we have the escolopendras: one of the most terrible adversaries in the world of EXO. These vile bugs are the deadliest, along with others that we will reveal in the next article, since they are capable of poisoning our heroes…

“The landslide prior to its appearance is what characterizes them. They appear when you least expect it. If you see them, run away…”

Yuri the explorer

All the bugs that you will find in EXO have an alpha version: these are the largest bugs and queens. Much more fearsome than the smaller versions, they can become a real problem for our heroes.

An Alpha Scarab will be hard to beat:

While an Alpha Escolopendra will make your worst nightmares become true…

We hope that their appearance does not take away your sleep…

Enjoy the weekend!

Plast Craft Games Team