Kaindra and Sharik

Welcome adventurers!
In today’s article we will talk about our first heroine and her fellow Exo-animal:

Kaindra comes from the Afrotropical region; she is an athletic young woman and belongs to the tribe that lives in the Cavity CV-03. Here you have a couple of fragments about their
“Kaindra was born in the year 2983, and after several complications, her mother died during her birth. Three years later her father died, due to the great fevers that plagued the cave where she lived, which also ended the lives of many other people. As an orphan, she was left under the tutelage of the elderly-wise collective.
As a child she showed great skills for the use of weapons, especially mastering the use of the spear. The elders observed she was of great value, her righteousness and dedication to all the arts of war; for that reason when she turned ten, all the elders confirmed that Kaindra would
be the chosen one to save the humanity.”
-Chronicles of Handelaar, the wise.

“Seeing the qualities developed by Kaindra, we decided to assign her an animal companion – a
lion icon of her tribe -. By enhancing its qualities through the use of a new energy that arose
during cataclysms, we modified the animal with implants that amplified its senses, speed and
ferocity. “
-Report Txw-82C, Dierkundige, Chief Zoologist, Cavity CV-03

As you can see, Kaindra will be represented in the game with a miniature with high level of detail, as well as her exoanimal companion, Sharik.

The movement and actions system in the game will allow the two to go together on a round base of 45mm in diameter, but if you look closely, they can also act separately.

See you in the next update.
Plast Craft Games Team
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