Enemies… Vile Bugs Vol. II

Greetings, adventurers!

Once more we bring you more information about the game. This time we will reveal the last two types of bugs… scorpions and dragonflies!

As the previous shown bug types, these will have both regular and alpha profiles.

On one side we have the dangerous dragonflies. These fierce and fast winged creatures can decapitate a human with their thin but deadly claws in a blink.

These enemies, whose wings in motion are imperceptible to human eye, are difficult targets to hit, as they are constantly moving. This is reflected in combat by having more life than any other type of bug:

Below you can see what how the alpha version of the dragonflies will look like:

On the other hand, during his expedition, our heroes will also run into other enemies as deadly as the centipedes we announced in another previous article. Scorpions…

“Until today we had not had contact with an insect like this. Its size was noticeably greater than the others, and it gave off a halo as if it were exoenergy… It was almost mystical. His tweezers split the trunk of a tree as if it were a toothpick. I do not think I want to meet that monstrosity again, it gives me the chills!”

-Dr. Smith

The scorpions, like the centipedes, will be able to poison our heroes, but in addition, their tweezers could become really annoying, since they will be able to immobilize our heroes, making it more difficult for them to move.

The alpha version of these bugs really spectacular. Behold!

And to end with this article here you have a group shot of all the vile bugs you will find in EXO!

There is just less than half a month to start the campaign … Are you ready?


Plast Craft Games Team