Mechanics: A quick view

We bring you a new article! In this instalment, we will give you a general overview of the long-awaited phases and mechanics of the game.

Each game round consists of four phases: Disaster, Resource, Production, Action and Night. We will explain them briefly below…

  • Disasters – During this phase, we will determine with a dice roll how the climatology will affect the environment, how the environment’s fauna will behave, and also how the climate will affect our Exoanimals. All this will be detailed in quick reference tables for each mission.
  • Resource Production – During this phase players will produce exoenergy and a variety of resources. To do so our heroes will be able to assemble different buildings that will be represented by extraction tiles. At the beginning of the turn, each player will take a resource off each tile he has on the board and store it, if possible, in his backpack if they are resources, or in the exoenergy pool of his/her exoanimal, in the case of exoenergy.
  • Actions – During this phase, players must decide which actions they will be performing both with their heroes and with their exoanimals. There are common actions to be carried out by both characters and others specific to each one.

Let’s explain these actions…

Movement And/Or Attack

As its name suggests, our characters can perform a movement and/or attack.



If during the Movement action our heroes enter an area where a larvae token of an insect is found, this must be flipped therefore revealing the type of insect and replacing it with a miniature of the same type.


With Attack, our heroes will make a dice roll adding the dice of their hero and their animal, causing damage to insects. Insect behaviour will be determined by a card drawn from the deck of the insect type.


At the cost of the indicated resource on the upgrade board, our characters can equip different upgrades, up to a maximum of three each.


This option will make our character recover a health point.

  • Hero Actions – These consist of…
    • Build: With this action, we can build a production tile depending on the type of resource predominant in the area that our hero is.
    • Resource Extraction: Using the constructions our heroes have built (production tiles), they can harvest one resource unit of the type produced.
    • Drone Remote Control: Once our drone beacon is built, our heroes can fly their drone, moving it around the board. These drones have unique abilities that we will reveal in another article.

  • Exoanimal Specific Action – This consist of…
    • EXO Extract: Our animal will be able to extract exoenergy of the type that corresponds to the area where it is.

And finally, we reach…

  • The Night – During this phase, the insects show increased activity, therefore, the nests will generate new larvae, and those already present in the board, will move following a swarm behaviour…

During this movement phase, if any of the insects or larvae present in the table enter an area occupied by any of our characters, there will be a night combat. This type of combat has the peculiarity that our heroes will not be able to counterattack since they are resting and not prepared. The only ones able to stand up to them are our animals!

After this, our heroes rest and recuperate and get ready to something to face a new day. So, here is where we conclude this brief summary. Stay tuned, as some videos will be published soon where you will see all this explained with a demo game.


Plast Craft Games team.

Enemies… Vile Bugs Vol. I

Greetings adventurers!

Once again we are back with a new article of EXO: Mankind Reborn. Today we will talk about some of the enemies that our heroes will encounter during their expedition on the surface of the earth.

As we have explained in previous articles, the only creatures that survived on the face of the earth after the great cataclysms were bugs. These, thanks to their high level of adaptability developed affinity with the exoenergy unchained during these events. They suffered mutations that made them grow larger, lethal, and with an exoskeleton capable of self-regeneration.

In this article we will show you two of these disgusting enemies: the escolopendras and the beetles.

“When we went out for the first time, we saw small shadows moving incredibly fast. An iridescent reflection dazzled us when they came to light. Giant beetles! They were huge, and their carapace was as hard as metal …”

Desmond the harvester

On the other hand, we have the escolopendras: one of the most terrible adversaries in the world of EXO. These vile bugs are the deadliest, along with others that we will reveal in the next article, since they are capable of poisoning our heroes…

“The landslide prior to its appearance is what characterizes them. They appear when you least expect it. If you see them, run away…”

Yuri the explorer

All the bugs that you will find in EXO have an alpha version: these are the largest bugs and queens. Much more fearsome than the smaller versions, they can become a real problem for our heroes.

An Alpha Scarab will be hard to beat:

While an Alpha Escolopendra will make your worst nightmares become true…

We hope that their appearance does not take away your sleep…

Enjoy the weekend!

Plast Craft Games Team

Claire and Mel

Greetings, adventurers!

As every Friday we bring you another EXO: Mankind Reborn article. Today we will talk about the last of the four main heroes from the game. But before that let’s take a look to the three unveiled heroes previously.

First of all, there’s the fearless Kaindra and Sharik, the ones specialized in combat. Then we revealed Yuri and Nurasyl, a couple with great exploration skills. And the most recent pair, Desmond the harvester and big Little Joe; a unique duo capable of surviving in the most hazardous environments…

So it is time to introduce you a heroin in charge of the medical support of the group: Dr. Claire Smith. This researcher who comes from the CV-7 in the Australian zoogeographic area comes along with her lab companion Mel, a genetically improved koala thanks to the exoenergy and capable of channeling it to heal.

Here is part of the history of these two great friends:

Born in a well-off family from the region, since she was little she had access to the best teachers, who noticed her great skills for health science.

At the age of fourteen, Claire had the chance to prove her knowledge creating a vaccine that would prevent a strange virus pandemic unknown until then. From that moment, she became part of the best medical research team, under the tutelage of Dr. Hickling, a renowned CV-7 scientist.

During those years working for the research team, she studied the application of exoenergy in the field of health, making great discoveries such as the “nano-poultice” or the Reflex enhancer SENTINEL. These devices allowed both exoanimals and humans the capability of healing irreparable skin damage or the improvement of the nervous system by reducing the response time against possible attacks.

At some point during her rehearsals, Claire listened to DR. Hickling talking about a possible expedition to the surface made in conjunction with other cavities from the rest of the world. So as you may imagine, her curious spirit and her willingness to adventure made her to be the chosen one of her CV to be part of the expedition.”

Handelaar the wise.

And what can we say about Mel? He is small, fluffy and capable of transmitting healing energy thanks to Claire’s modifications she made in her lab. His combat skills are almost zero but you won’t want to see an angry koala!

So we conclude with the cast of EXO: Mankind Reborn heroes. But before saying goodbye we want to show you a sneak peek of the heroes’ cards:

Stay tuned as we are in the final stages of the pre-campaign and there is just one month left ahead before the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

See you in the next post!

Plast Craft Team

Desmond and Little Joe

Greetings, adventurers!

Today we want to introduce you a new hero from EXO: Mankind Reborn. Desmond the harvester arrives from the dense forests of the Nearctic caves.

“Desmond was the youngest member of his family. For generations they were responsible for supplying the entire tribe with food and materials for everyday life. Even though his grandfather and his father considered themselves as simple “shopkeepers”, he wanted to go further and stand out.

His experience in the CV-32 expeditionary corps taught him to take advantage of all the resources available in the environment. From simple pieces of wood, scavenged metal plates and an exoenergy cell he was able to assemble small structures such as an exodome or small fully functional mechanical saws.

He spent many years in the corps until he finally decided to retire at age 46. In the year following his dismissal he had enough time to share most of his knowledge with his sole son, so that he could continue their family duty. Then, a letter from the council of elders arrived. On it, they requested a volunteer to set off on the largest expedition known so far; destination, the surface.

Given the nature of his tribe, many were the volunteers who showed up. All but one were discarded, Desmond. The most determined and most experienced harvester in the Nearctic area.”

– Handelaar the wise.

And as you also know, all of our heroes have their own exo companion natural from their cavity region. Accompanied by Little Joe, a grizzli bear, these two will be very versatile thanks to their resource-saving skills.

Here is a brief passage from Little Joe’s story:

“How did I meet Joe? I remember it perfectly. During one of the expeditions that we made to the most remote cavities in search of different materials, something rather funny happened.

During the first night, when we got into sleeping bags after having dinner, we left the remains of food and provisions without storing. Next morning everything was gone. In later days, it happened again. One night I decided to stay on guard, and then I saw him. It was a magnificent specimen, one of the greatest I had ever seen. A grizzly bear was sitting, eating our own food…

After several attempts, I managed to gain his confidence. I noticed he could make it much easier for me to carry materials, since his size and strength would make him a great beast of burden, as well as a fierce protector.

In order to control his wild nature, I asked our biologists to implant a neuronal amplifier, which he now carries over his head. This meant that, in addition to further developing his intelligence, he became sensitive to the latent exoenergy of the area.”

– Desmond

And this is the history of this unique couple…

We hope that quality of their art and models will make you want to keep on discovering more about the world of EXO: Mankind Reborn.


Plast Craft Games Team

Game setup and other components.

Greetings, adventurers!

As you already know, in EXO: Mankind Reborn board game, our heroes must go a long way in search of more sources of exoenergy in order to restore humanity on the face of the earth. This journey will not be easy…

In today’s article we are going to talk about the game setup and the elements we will need to play a game. In further articles we will also give an overview of the different phases that make up a game round.

The first thing we must keep in mind is  that we will be playing a different mission from a campaing each time we play a game. Once we overcome this mission, it will grant access to the next one. To get an improved gaming experience, we recommend you to overcome the different missions of the campaigns in the suggested order, as this way you can discover how the plot is revealed. Due to the level of difficulty that these missions entail, it is possible that you may have to play them several times to overcome them before continuing with the next ones.

It should be noted that the mechanics of the game are really simple, but the depth of decisions that players can make will make each game different. If we sum the added complexity by the missions, we will obtain a unique gaming experience.

Having that said, let’s see what we need to play EXO: Mankind Reborn.

First we must select the sheet of the mission we will be playing. For the first game we will choose the first mission sheet, depending on number of players. From that moment, each time we decide to play, we will check the last mission accomplished and this will determine which mission we should play for the next game.

In this sheet is detailed everything we need: the board setup, the enemies that we will have to face, victory conditions (objective of the mission) and defeat, the starting area of the characters, and the effects of the disaster roll; how it will affect the climatology to our heroes and exoanimals.

Afterwards, players will choose which hero they will be playing during the game and they will receive a character dashboard and their respective miniatures and cards. In addition, they will receive two life markers (red wooden cubes), a number of action pawns determined by the number of player in the game, different provisions to survive the first turns represented by wooden cubes in different colors, and production tiles if the color of their board.

Next to the game board we will place the “upgrade” board and the upgrade tiles, chosen face down and placed randomly on it at its corresponding level. This will make it easier for our heroes to survive, with different aids as improving their efficiency in extracting resources, increasing their attributes, etc…

Next we will prepare the different decks of cards that we will use during the game:

  • Encounters deck. We will use this every time our heroes explore new areas of the board. In this deck we will find the properties of the explored terrain and the different obstacles or problems that these can present to us.
  • Treasures deck. Each time we explore a new are, we can find objects from ancient civilizations that will allow us to be more effective in combat, or resources scattered across the terrain … Everything is welcome!
  • Insects’ decks. Our enemies will use this deck to determine their actions in combat. We can anticipate that in every swarm there are always small insects and bigger ones … Watch out 😉

And finally, we will leave the combat and disaster dice available to all players, as well as the reserve of the different resources and extras that we will use during the game.

We already have all the necessary to play our first game! If you want to know how to play, stay tunned to the following articles where we will reveal the different phases of the game.


Plast Craft Games team

P.s.: Please note that components shown in the images may vary from the final product, as these are for prototype purposes.