Yuri and Nurasyl

It’s Friday and that means that it’s time to a new reveal in EXO… this time we bring you a new character!

Today we want to introduce you to Yuri, the Kazakh explorer of the tribe of the CV-11 cavity, located in the Palaearctic zone. Yuri is accompanied by his faithful exoanimal companion: Nurasyl, a female golden eagle.

With this character we want to show you different steps in the design phase ilustrated one of our artists: Alejandro García (Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/alejandrogarcia).

Now let’s read some fragments about their history:

“As a child, Yuri was always a curious boy. At the early age of 5 years, he was surprised by his father trying to go outside the limits of the CV-11, and at seven years he disappeared a whole week.

When he returned, he argued that he had entered the depths of the CV-11 “to see what was down there”. He brought with him a small eagle chick he found in an abandoned nest during his little getaway. This bird of prey over time became his family’s most precious asset.

The training of the animal began based on the teachings of the Kazakh culture, since it required several hours a day, sacrificing hours of sleep and rest, and it always had to be the same person who trained it to be able to create a strong bond with the animal. Part of this training consisted of feeding the bird of prey with his own hands and even cradling it with songs, all of this so that she could learn to recognize his voice. In this way, and after seven years of hard training, Nurasyl –the name he gave the animal- no longer obeyed anyone but Yuri.

At the age of fourteen, and with the help of Nurasyl, he drew an exact map of the area in which he lived, including places that only the best explorers of his tribe knew. For this reason, when a volunteer’s request to embark on the expedition to the surface arrived, nobody doubted that he would be the one chosen.”

Regarding Nurasyl, of which we have already spoken in this passage, it seems that she received some improvement to be more efficient in her task of exploration …

“When Yuri showed us the raptor, we immediately came up with all kinds of ideas about which modules we would create to improve the animal’s abilities.

We confirmed it was a female, because when the animal reached maturity her wingspan exceeded one and a half meters, way superior to a male one. We decided to work in a small reactor to boost her speed, and installed transmitters and a small camera next to her head to be able to recognize the areas without Yuri being in danger.”

Irina Smirnov, biomechanical assistant of the CV-11 tribe.

Here you have the first images of what will be the miniatures of Yuri and Nurasyl:


As you can see, we continue with the combined base system that will allow both hero and exoanimal to perform actions separately or together. In addition, we can already reveal what the hole in the base is for: It will serve to mark your miniature with an exoenergy gem of the corresponding color of each character to quickly identify it.

This will bring benefits and disadvantages in the game, but it is something that we will see in further articles.

We hope you like this character as much as we do. Stay tuned because there will be new entry next Tuesday.


Plast Craft Games Team

Exoenergy, the most precious resource!

Greetings, adventurers!

In today’s post we are going to delve a little deeper into the universe of EXO: Mankind Reborn.

First, we have to think about where and when the EXO history takes place, but for this we must first give a few hints of what is happening in EXO: Mankind Reborn in the past…

Towards the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, an unusual amount of natural phenomena were recorded: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, heat waves… All were cataloged as cataclysms. The number of these phenomena grew exponentially at the end of the century. The Earth, they realised, was coming to an end.

In the XXII century, in an attempt to restore the balance, it was decided to delve deeper into the field of renewable energies, but energy dependence made the situation worse. After years of research and through advanced techniques such as exofusion, perfect and infinite energy was discovered. This energy was given the name exoenergy.

In their studies, they discovered that this energy could be absorbed by any element, giving it new properties. Thus, research teams from different laboratories in the world, each focusing their studies on one of the four main elements, created samples of exoenergy.

In this way, each laboratory obtained a different sample of exoenergy that were subsequently cataloged, according to the laboratory of origin, as follows:

  • Oriental region: Blue Exoenergy.
  • Australian region: BlueExoenergy.
  • Paleartic region: WhiteExoenergy.
  • Ethiopian region: Orange Exoenergy.
  • Neartic region: Green Exoenergy.
  • Neotropical region: Green Exoenergy.

Then it happened: A succession of great cataclysms, whose cause was unknown, and its consequences were devastating. This forced humanity to take refuge in underground caves, organizing themselves in “tribes”.

The humans took refuge with the native animals of each zone, also in danger of extinction. Thus the ARK project was born to safeguard said species, by means of which they provided mechanical improvements to the animals so that they could assimilate the latent exoenergy in each zone. This endowed them with an amazing intelligence and longevity, turning them into their faithful companions in the dawn of this new era.

The use of this energy in the animals caused them to develop an incredible affinity with the exoenergy of the environment, giving them the ability to detect and extract it to be taken to their respective laboratory caves. In this way, humanity managed to process it and use it as a basic and necessary good.

In their studies they found that by applying exoenergy to different structures and machinery this increased their performance in a way never seen before, accelerating the production of crops, etc …

The years of investigation and development of the exoenergy application in the animals and the own consumption inside the caves caused that the reservations of this one were drastically reduced. For this reason, in the year 2950, the council of wise men decided that the time had come to send the best individuals of each tribe in search of energy, and resources to guarantee their survival.

When they went outside, they soon realized that not only would they have to fight against the inclement weather, but they would have to face an adverse and wild nature where old acquaintances had become the dominant species in the world…

… Insects.